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“When we give up on our dreams, we die while still alive.”

-Robin Sharma

Bengaluru -Drive, Design and Connect.

When we talk about Drive, Design and Connect the only city that comes to my mind is namma Bengaluru Bangalore is capital city of Karntaka state located at southern part of India.
It is also called as Silicon valley of India as most of the IT companies are located in Bangalore.

Let us see how Bengaluru has Drive,Design and Connect features in it one by one :
No doubt Bengaluru has got the best Design. It you consider how the Bangalore was constructed below are the points that validates Bangalore has got long term vision and very well designed right from 16th Century
Kempegouda is the founder of Bangalore. He was one of the ruler under Vijayanagara Empire. He demarcated the  places in Bangalore based
on the purposes they were meant. Ex- Bangarpete (Jewellary shops, chik pete (small markets),Kumbarapete (pottery makers) etc.
– Kempegouda has contributed to building temples and water reservoirs in Bengaluru. Bellandur lake, Kajjur lake, ulsoor lake etc..
Considering the Infrastructure and design in the recent times-
-Flyovers are built to avoid traffic and easy transport.
– Metro has already started commuting and the project will be completed by 2017. Metro has connected heart and lungs of Bangalore It is definetly a boon for the Bangalore to reduce traffic
– Outer ring roads has been built to reduce traffic and allows smooth travel around the city.
– Infrastructure for the IT companies – Bengaluru  has amazing infrastructure design that makes it Silicon valley of India


Talking about Drive, there are plenty of places around Bangalore city. Also Bangalore itself has many beautiful places to visit
– Mysore, Coorg,Nanjangudu are just few hours drive from Bengaluru
– If you hate long drive you could visit Bannerghatta national park, Wonderla Amusement park, Lalbagh Park and have qualitu time there.
– During the night Bengaluru will come beautiful and you would love the scenic view


– Bengaluru is not connected to other important cities by all means of transport.
– It has got International Airport located at Devanahalli. It was ranked third busiest traffic in the country and gives easy connectivity to both domestic and International cities
– Shatabdi and Rajadhani and many more other trains gives connectivity all across the country with less time with both express and passenger services
– NH4, NH7 and NH48 national highways gives connectivity Bengaluru y to all across the Country.

Banglore ciy is also most loved city in India.No doubt it is called Garden city also. that is the reason many people from different states and countries come her for their job, education.

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Speed of execution!!

There might be another team working on a similar idea in a small garage somewhere. It is the speed of execution that matters. It is what gives you an edge over the competitor because if you are on the right track, your speed of execution will take you far, far ahead. And if you are on the wrong path, you can quickly find that out, course-correct, and get on the right path – Alok Goel,Venture Capital Investor and former CEO Freechare


“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible. Then they seem improbable. And then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.”

– Nelson Mandela


Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

-Anaïs Nin

Top 10 hyperlocal startups in India

What is Hyper local business model ?

  • Hyper local business model will give the platform to enable local offline services to anywhere and anytime
  • It solves the problem of matching immediate demand with the nearest available supply in the most optimized manner
  • The Indian e-commerce industry is poised to cross USD 100 billion by 2020. Hyper local start ups will have significant contribution on this

Lets see top ten hyper-local start ups in India


  • Grofers is a hyper local delivery platform that allows users to order via their mobile app and get delivery of everything from grocery to pet food within hours  : Visit : Grofers 


  • TinyOwl is a location-based food ordering startup.From confirming the order to informing the customer about the estimated delivery time  app does it all. Visit tinyowl


  • BigBasket is one the early entrants in the online grocery shopping arena. Visit BigBasket


  • Swiggy, another food delivery startup.Swiggy’s popularity can be attributed to no minimum delivery requirement, availability of local restaurants, eateries and dessert places and much-talked about service . Visit:Swiggy


  • LocalOye is  a mobile marketplace for hiring local service professionals, a service that will surely come in handy for anyone new to a city. LocalOye allows users accessibility to services like tutors, home services, wellness experts and help with events, using their mobile app. Visit localoye


  • ZopNow, a Bengaluru-based online grocery store, claims to be the largest in the city. Its location-based service allows users to order grocery through the mobile app and website. Visit Zopnow


  • PepperTap  is Delhi’s solution for online grocery shopping. Once you order groceries using its mobile app or website, PepperTap claims to deliver it in within two hours. Visit peppertap


  • YuMist is a new entrant in the food delivery market with an aim to deliver homely meals with a few taps on your Android phones.     Visit Yumist


  • Momoe claims to be a mobile payments experience that allows payments via a mobile app at restaurants, retail stores, home deliveries and urban markets in Bengaluru. Visit Momoe


  • LetsBinge claims to be an innovative payment application for the F&B industry. The app, available for iOS and Android, allows users to store up to four card details, gives the ability to split bills and other payment options. Visit: Letsbinge

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