Month: January 2016

Movie Review::Last Bus(Kannada Movie)

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With all due respect to the Kannada movie industry; I have had long standing issues with the quality of movies being churned out of it. Not because of the budgetary constraints which made the movies look too plastic but even with the basic story line or concept of the movie. Only a handful of movies turned out to be worth watching every year and rest of them – absolute junks.But now I see the trend changing. Movies like Cyanide, Attahasa, Ulidavaru Kandante, Lucia and most recently the hugely successful Rangitaranga are proving to be cult classics thus paying rich tributes to stalwarts like Puttanna Kanagal, Shankar Nag who were the original mavericks of this industry.

Movie this week is the latest Kannada release-Last Bus. It tells us the story of 6 people who set out on a journey boarding the last bus through the scenic hills and mysterious forests of…

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